Su Jok Acupuncture

Su Jok is the newest method of treatment developed by Dr. Park, Jae Woo (Korea) and is now widely practiced in Russia and other independent countries of former USSR. The method is attractive because of its unique simplicity, logicality, and efficiency. Really, simplicity is the basis of genius!
The whole of the human body may be mapped out on the hand and foot; this is where Su Jok finds it's foundation.

If you have a good imagination, like professor Park, Jae Woo, then you might imagine that on our thumbs are superimposed areas of the head and our fingers contain correlations to the arms and legs. The joints of the fingers mirror the joints of the arms and legs. The thumb is separate from other fingers just as the head is separate from the extremities. Although the thumb doesn't have a vertical position on the hand as the head has on the body, we can easily imagine this position.

1. Correspondence System of Hand

The lower part of the thumb represents the neck; the upper part of the thumb represents the head. Everything we find on the head, we can find on the thumb as well. The face is situated in an upper falange of the thumb.

The line between upper and lower falanges of the thumb gives legible border between the head and the neck, so all face with nose, eyes, ears, etc., lies above this line. For example, the picture below shows tooth treatment points on the thumb.

2. Toothache treatment points

If we push in the middle of the thumb (the upper part), we exactly hit into the nose. If we push a little to the side and up from the nose, we find the eye (left or right). The extremities are even more simple to find. Every falange represents a specific part of the leg or the arm. It is important here not to confuse which is the arm and which is the leg. The system on the hand which reflects the positions of all body parts, organs and systems is called the Correspondence System.

Everything found in the body can also be found in the Correspondence System.
If you have problems in your body, the Correspondence System will reflect it as well. If viewed from the philosophical standpoint that everything in world is interconnected, you can see how manipulating points in the correspondence System will effect the whole body. It works like a distant control. The therapist will not necessarily effect the whole liver, but only a small area representing the liver in the Correspondence System in order to encourage changes in the liver itself.

One paradox is very noticeable; the smaller the Correspondence System (in Su Jok there are several types of the Correspondence Systems) the stronger the effect it has on the whole body.

That is why this method acts very effectively, even more effectively than traditional acupuncture. The Su Jok method is absolutely safe. One of the reasons for this safety, as Dr. Park, Jae Woo explains, is that our hands and feet were made by God especially for the treating of the whole body.

The more we effect the hands and feet, the more we treat the whole of our bodies. Another reason is that all body problems are created by a blockage or imbalance of energy flowing through body meridians or channels. Removing this blockage, we can reach a healthy balance in the body.

The energy blockages in the body's organs and systems create painful areas in the Correspondence System. Treating these painful areas with different methods (massage, heating by special moxes, using small needles, magnets, corns, etc) will treat the whole body.

It does not matter what the illness is, all illnesses have one deep reason - blocked energy in some area of the body. This blockage then creates physical and physiological changes in body areas. Modern medicine will treat these specific areas, but the reason for the illness will stay in the body, creating problems in the same or other areas. Only intervention on an energetic level will effect the root of an illness.
By working a painful area on the hand, one can remove an energetic block in the body.

It is not important to know the names of illnesses, only to find the correct painful ara on the hand which manifests a concrete problem and effect it.

Sometimes it may be necessary to effect the same area of the hand or foot several times in order to create the powerful flow of energetic waves needed to smash blockage or extinguish malignant waves in the body area.

Because of this fact, some problems may arise in the skin in this specific area of the hand, but it is a small consequence if one takes into consideration the positive effect on a whole body.

Very important in this method is that it requires patience to find the correct correspondence area and exact point of influence because effecting other areas and points not corresponding with the problematic area of the body can cause temporary blockage of energy in these areas.
It is not dangerous for the body because distant manipulations cannot create problems in the body, but it is better to deal with it correctly the first time in order to receive immediate results.

The results can be astounding. When after 5-10 minutes of manipulation a joint which has proven immovable begins to move in all possible directions, one gets a strong belief in the miraculousness of this method. Not only joint problems can be treated with this method. Painful conditions and illnesses can also be effected so long as organic changes have not occurred in the body, but even then Su Jok may help.

The method of the Correspondence System is an independent self-sufficient method of Su Jok reflexology. Everyone can use this method for self-treatment, or treating family members and friends. It does not require deep medical education or very expensive equipment. One session of Su Jok reflexology usually lasts 2-40 minutes and sometimes one session is enough to treat an illness.

In Russia, where people already understood the effectiveness of nontraditional forms of medicine, this method became popular immediately after Dr.Park, Jae Woo visited this country with his lectures and fabulous demonstrations.

In a short period of time special Su Jok Clinics were created. Su Jok Academies in many cities of the country provide regular courses of learning for those who desire to receive basic and extended knowledge of the subject. Many physicians, massage therapists, and nurses use the method in their practices.

This method is especially good in combination with massage therapy which also allow the removal of blocked energy in the body due to a powerful increasing in a circulation. Massage, therefore, fortifies the positive changes created by the Su Jok Therapy.

The Correspondence System component is the simples part of Su Jok Acupuncture. Two other more complicated parts require deeper knowledge and understanding of Chinese philosphy and medicine. This consists of the study of Byol (micro) Meridians and six Ki (Energies).

In the basis of these studies lies the statement that all meridian systems of the body are also represented on the hand and foot. One can effect the energy in these meridians as in traditional acupuncture where micro needles, micromagnets, or seeds of corn are used.

It is necessary to know only 5 (in accordance with 5 element theory of the most active points of each of the 12 Meridians which are situated in the arms and legs and are also found in the Correspondence System- on the index and middle fingers of each hand. Effecting these points using distal manipulation, one can regulate energy in the body meridians.

These studies use such terms as Wind of Liver, Dryness of Lung, Humidity of Spleen, etc that is usual for traditional acupuncture. Dr. Park Jae Woo goes further when he proves that Su Jok Method allows regulation of energy also on the emotional and mental levels and he uses such terms as wisdom and fire of Kidneys, gladness and desire of Heart, sadness and will of Lungs, agony and consciousness of Spleen.

So, using the Su Jok Method one can increase his consciousness, when for instance, he needs to prepare himself to take exams or do his work properly. Mental and emotional levels of the So Jok Method also successfully treats impotency, depression, and anxiety..
The effectiveness of the method is expressive.
In as little as one minute changes may be felt in the body. It is just possible to manipulate with patient's condition by wathcing his or her reaction and transposing magnets, needles, or seeds on the patient's hand to another direction.

Sometimes the therapist creates a change knowingly, in order to receive a better effect through deterioration of patient's condition.
Unique simplicity, safeness, effectiveness, and inexpensiveness became the reason for the fast and wide popularity of Su Jok in the countries of former USSR.

It is difficult to find another method comparable in the speed of receiving results of a treatment.

In the USA, it is already noticeable that traditional western medicine cannot offer an answer to all medical questions. Health problems are remedied by means of surgery or powerful medications with a lot of side effects (which can be avoided in 50% and more cases). It is useful to find an alternative method: the drop of the fresh air which together with massage therapy, fasting, urinetherapy, different body and energetic work, can give deep and natural treatment of a lot of illnesses.