Written Reports.

You can order Written Report (10 pages, $35).
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This Report includes:

  1. The description of your current, past and future planetary periods. What areas of your life are emphasized during these periods, what kind of events it can trigger. How long the periods will last. What will be the best period to start a family? When can you expect the raise in your career and finances, etc.

  2. Psychological Profile.
    This part describes your character and tendencies in according with the position of the planets in the Signs (constellations) and Nakshatras. There are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology and there are 12 constellations and 27 Nakshatras. The electromagnetic vibrations you receive from the planets, from the signs and Nakshatras where the planets are placed, affect the way you think, behave, and what type of events you encounter in your life.

  3. Areas of Life.
    This part describes how areas of your life (Career, Marriage, Children, Money, etc.) are affected by the position of the planets in the chart. There are 12 Houses. Each House represents a particular area of life. For example, the 5th house is the house of children. The 10th house is the house of career.

  4. Health and Remedial Measures.
    This part describes your health, the potential points of imbalances in the chart that can create health problems and how to counteract the negative influences of the planets by using remedial measures like mantras and gems. The Ascendant (the 1st House) is the primary point to consider in determining your health. Each planet transmits its specific rays, the vibrations that sustain and support certain organs and systems in the body. If these vibrations are weak, there are not enough energy to make the corresponding organs function in an optimal manner. These organs become weak and this weakness may effect the whole body producing ill health. Gemstones are natural transmitters of the planetary rays. Each planet has its own gemstone it corresponds to. Although many factors should be considered in order to find a gem that will be good to wear for health.

The report will be emailed to you. If you want it to be mailed to you, it will be an additional charge ($4).

* Allow 2 weeks for the report.

**It is advisable to order both-the Written Report and the Consultation. The Report provides more details about your psychology, areas of life, health and remedial measures. The Consultation provides explanation of main astrological principles and goes deeper in the particular areas of life of your choice. You can also ask questions during the consultation.

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