Planetary Periods

Planetary periods are the cycles of planetary influences. The most used planetary system is Vimshottari Dasha System with 120 years cycle. In this system the planetary periods are based on Nakshatras and the positions of the Moon at the time of birth. Nakshatra where the Moon is placed at the moment of your birth determines which planet will rule over your life at every moment and, accordingly, what kind of events will happen to you at certain times of your life. If you know your planetary periods and what they may bring to you, then, in some way, you can control your life.

Major Planetary period is the period during which a particular planet has the most power in your life. There are 9 planets and 9 Major periods, one for each planet; the periods are repeated in cycles. The starting point of the Major periods depends on the Nakshatra where the Moon is placed in the chart at the moment of birth; the planet that rules this Nakshatra will start the sequence of your planetary periods.

Each Major planetary period has its duration.

Depending on where the planet that rules Major period is placed in the chart, the affairs of this house and the houses that associate with it will be amplified in your life during this period. If, for example Jupiter rules the Major period and is placed in the 10th house, you can expect some benefits in your career during this time.

Within each Major planetary period there are Subperiods that are called Minor Planetary periods or Bhuktis. A planet that rules Subperiod modifies the influence of the Major period ruler.

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