Annual Chart

Except general reading of your Birth (Rashi) Chart, you can order an Annual Chart (Varshaphala).

Annual Chart is built on the day when the Sun is exactly at the point where it was at the moment of your Birth. So you receive the reading what will happen in your life from your birthday to the next birthday. If, for example, your birthday is on May 6, you will get the reading from May 6 of the current year to May 6 of the next year. As Sun is much slower moving planet than an Ascendant (rising point at the moment of Birth), the Annual Chart can be even more objective than the Birth Chart in cases when the time of birth is not rectified.

I use both Transits and Tadjik Methods in my Annual Chart Reading.

Tadjik System was developed in Tajikistan many centuries ago and is used to predict the main events that will happen during a particular year.

Transits Method (the planetary movements through the Zodiac) is part of Vedic Astrology and helps with identifying the periods of stress and ease during a particular year. When we should be careful and when we the positive events most likely will manifest in our lives.

Combining these two methods, it is possible to determine the character and the timing of the events during a particular year.

Important points of Annual Chart are:

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